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Company Profile

     As a United States publicly traded company (NASDAQ: CHWE), Chinawe is one of the top non-performing loans (NPL) service providers in Mainland China.

     Based on strong local knowledge, close relationship with our cooperation parties and professional skills, Chinawe was able to facilitate NPL resolutions. We also participated in the NPL portfolios purchase, which was the first time in China that a pool of NPL has been sold by any of the State-owned asset management companies to foreign investors without any retained interest.

     Owing to its latest success in evaluating and resolving NPL, Chinawe is extending its investments to manufacturing, agriculture and real estate large-scale projects. The directors of the Company believe that the combination of in-depth knowledge of China and professional skills in the servicing industry shall lend the Company a competitive edge in acquiring and servicing these NPL bundles.

     Chinawe shows strong competition advantage in asset management among various industries located in China. Along blossoming with the Chinese financial market, Chinawe will continue to persist in the principle of sincerity, mutual benefits and together prosper with all circles.